25 Things about me you probably didn’t know:

  1. I had insomnia as a child because I never wanted to miss anything
  2. I was afraid of the dark as a child but forced myself to get over it by sitting in the dark in the scariest place I could think of until I wasn’t scared anymore
  3. I remember my first computer… a 286 running DOS, we got it when I was 6
  4. My favorite activity as a child was reading+experimenting+learning things
  5. My second favorite activity as a child was fighting with other children
  6. My third favorite activity as a child was fighting with whoever happened to be in authority over me
  7. For three years I went to the Jewish School in Sacramento: Wore Kippot and Payot, and kept Kosher
  8. I dreamed of moving to Israel and becoming a rabbi
  9. For two years I went to a public school in Sacramento
  10. I beat up the kids at school who made fun of me for being Jewish
  11. I left public school when they wouldn’t let me skip a grade because of my “social problems”
  12. My first business venture was “Poop Scooping” when I was 14.
  13. My second business venture was “DNA Web Design” when I was 15.
  14. I have written at least a book’s worth of poetry
  15. The week after I was accepted into the Honor Society at my High School, I was suspended for insubordination
  16. I graduated from High School when I was 16
  17. I declined admission into MENSA because I didn’t want to pay the membership fees
  18. I subsequently took 8 years to graduate from College
  19. My college majors from start to finish were: Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Biblical Theology and Linguistics, Journalism, Sociology, Liberal Studies, Math, Computer Science.  I graduated with Honors in Computer Science from CSUN
  20. I’m a textbook “Scanner” or “Multipotentialite“…  meaning that I’m intensely interested in nearly everything, but my interests oscillate constantly
  21. I’m a recovering perfectionist
  22. I worked as a software engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  23. I’m an ordained minister through Jews for Jesus
  24. I brainstorm about business, ministry, and just about anything else for fun.
  25. I want to change the world and I’m confident I will.