9 Things EVERY Christian should know about Gaza before condemning Israel

Military Ceremony in Gaza

Since July 8, 2014, there has been an escalation of violence around the Gaza Strip. To fully understand the conflict, it is helpful to know the political and military organization that sparked the hostilities and remains the primary obstacle to peace in the area. Here are nine things you should know about Hamas.

1. Hamas is a militant nationalist-Islamist movement founded in 1987 as a spinoff of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. Along with Fatah, it is one of the two major political parties in the occupied territories. Hamas candidates won Palestinian elections in 2006, but their government was dismissed in 2007, resulting in the political bifurcation of the West Bank and Gaza. While Fatah reasserted its authority in the West Bank, Hamas has continued to rule over the Gaza Strip, a coastal enclave of 1.7 million Palestinians.

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This article was written by Joe Carter, an editor of the Gospel Coalition.

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