Sean Trank’s Final Prayer

My brother, Sean Trank was diagnosed with lung cancer on his 28th birthday, October 25, 2013. Sean never smoked. After an 8 month battle through many rounds of chemo and radiation, Sean was admitted to the hospital with dangerously elevated calcium levels. At the end of his hospital stay Sean developed a pneumonia that drastically reduced his oxygen levels. The only hope for survival was for Sean to be intubated to allow antibiotics to fight the infection while keeping his oxygen levels from dropping further.

Before intubation our family came together to pray for Sean. Once we finished our prayer for him, Sean decided to pray for us. This was his last prayer before being intubated. Sean never had a chance to pray out loud again. He died just three days later from pulmonary failure.

Sean was a Messianic Jew: a true believer in Jesus and lived his life to the glory of God. Sean dedicated his career to bringing the message of Jesus to his Jewish family, friends, and anyone who would listen through his work with the organization Jews for Jesus.

If this video encourages you, then please share it. If you would like to use this video in a church gathering, please let me know, but please feel free! Sean hoped his story would inspire others to follow Jesus.

You can read Sean’s journey of faith through the midst of cancer at his website

God Bless,
Aaron Trank