Sabbatical: My time to grieve and reconnect with God

Dear Friends & Family,

Needless to say, this has been a very trying time for me and my family.  I didn’t expect for Sean’s battle with cancer to end in his death… at least not as soon as it did.  During the past several weeks the wave of grief finally hit me.  Up till now, I’ve had the grace to keep going, to keep fighting, to keep standing strong for my brother and then for my family.  I thought that strength was going to last forever, I didn’t anticipate the anxiety and anger that overwhelmed my soul.  I know God is good and I trust Him, yet this knowledge hasn’t seemed to lessen my grief.  Along this painful journey I’ve been blessed to have a GREAT support community in Jews for Jesus, but now I realize my need for time and space to heal.  As such I will be taking a 3 month sabbatical to spend time with my family, draw closer to God through prayer, scripture, and meditation, and prayerfully consider what is next for my family.  I envisioned a life of ministry in Jews for Jesus with my brother walking beside me, and now I need to seek God for a vision that doesn’t include Sean.

During this time I will not be checking my Jews for Jesus email.  The best way to contact me will be through a personal email address.  As I will be limiting my communication during this time, please don’t be offended if I am slow in responding!

Please pray for me and my family as we seek the Lord and take some time to focus on healing from this difficult loss.  I am endlessly grateful for the way Jews for Jesus stood by my brother to the very end, and I am proud to be part of an organization that truly cares for its people.

God Bless,

Aaron Trank

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